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An article by Jānis Rozenbergs and Ērika Gribonika has been published – “Criticism of government policy must not be denied because of a pandemic”


The global pandemic has caused not only an overload of health care systems around the world but also the economic crisis and sharp social tension: people are worried about their health and lives, as well as their well-being; workers are forced to experience declining incomes while entrepreneurs face insurmountable difficulties. Confusion and insecurity are exacerbated by the frequent changes in government anti-pandemic measures and a public dispute on optimal action scenarios.

“Jurista Vārds” addressed various legal experts to find out whether there are any legal norms in force of which it is possible to determine the administrative or criminal liability of false information spread on the Internet regarding a pandemic, calls for breaches of epidemiological security measures, as well as calls for action against those taking measures to control the pandemic.

Our own Ērika Gribonika, a lawyer, in cooperation with Jānis Rozenbergs, a sworn attorney, had prepared an opinion chapter on this issue.


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