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The article by K. Strada-Rozenberga “What is the presumption of innocence and what does it entail” has been published


The presumption of innocence is one of the basic principles of criminal procedure, the necessity of which is generally accepted. This principle is often taken for granted, but the more in-depth analysis is often left out. This is one of the principles of the functioning of criminal proceedings which has a constitutional rank and whose legal framework is enshrined in the constitutions, various international and European Union level human rights instruments, as well as national laws. However, there is still a disagreement, ongoing discussions, and troubles of the understanding of this principle and its essence. Therefore, the analysis of these issues is performed by the sworn attorney of our law firm Kristīne Strada-Rozenberga, in the article of the August 6, 2019 issue of “Jurista Vārds”.

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